About Us

Our Vision

ASG was developed through the passion shared by a couple of friends. The vision began as a relaxing environment for patrons to game and drink.  Before long, the idea ventured into untapped potential, and opened the door for new opportunities.  The founders envisioned ASG would set itself far apart from its competitors.
ASG is the new way to experience gaming and entertainment, where Esports meets nightlife.

Our Approach

We offer an innovative design, top of the line amenities, and high quality food and beverages. With a theatrical certified lighting system, stadium sized visuals, and various technical capabilities, the possibilities are endless. The atmosphere we provide is one of a kind, one that Worcester, Massachusetts has yet to encounter.  Our top priority is to offer an experience that will leave people wanting to come back again, and again.

Our Process

Come in and take a seat at our 16 tap, full-service bar. Get your caffeine fix, and feel free to get to work in our designated espresso bar seating area. Log in, run a few of your favorite games on one of our custom built rigs or just take a browse for your next visit! Order up a personal sized, craft pizza with a few friends and take a couple laps on Mario Kart. Strap in on one of our fully loaded racing sims and enjoy one of the most immersive racing experiences available.  Download our app for an up to date tournament schedule or check streaming booth availability.